Sedation Dentistry

Sunshine Dental offers sedation dentistry for those patients who are apprehensive about dental care. Dr. Aeklavya Panjali of Sunshine Dental is certified by the State of New York to practice conscious sedation dentistry.
Sedation dentistry offers an easy solution for both practitioners and patients to end the fear, anxiety, and pain of having dental work performed. With conscious sedation, patients will be ensured a more relaxing, safe, and comfortable dental experience by simply taking a prescription medication before their dental visit. Sedation dentistry is generally appropriate for all types of patients, including patients suffering from acute or chronic jaw soreness, patients who have a gag reflex that makes dental work difficult and embarrassing, patients with physical limitations such as neck or back problems.

Conscious sedation dentistry allows procedures to be performed quicker, easier, and in most cases, with one visit. 

And Coming Soon, I.V. sedation dentistry…more information to follow.

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