TMD (Temperomandibular Joint Disorder)

Minor cases of TMD involve discomfort or pain in the jaw muscles.  More serious conditions involve improperly aligned joints or dislocated jaws.  The most extreme form of TMD involves an arthritic condition of the jaw joint. Traumatic injuries also can cause jaw dislocation. In these cases, jaw surgery, may be required to correct the condition.  Some jaw surgery can be performed arthroscopically.

Crooked, uneven worn down teeth can cause TMD at a later stage in life without an underlying disease of bone. Small, uneven, elongated jaw conditions can lead to TMD.

Some TMD’s may be detected and treated during early childhood. Therefore, it is important to bring any parafunctional habit that a child may have, or unexplained pain in the jaws in adults, (to the attention of your dental caregiver.) TMD can present in several different ways and early detection is the key in most cases.

TMD’s can be corrected surgically or non surgically.

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